Monday, December 15, 2014


Paper Girls Challenge #70

I so enjoy making ornaments each year.
Sometimes the kids help, other times I am on my own.
This year I enlisted the cat!
The star ornament is a series of cut outs from a hexagon paper by Craft Smith.
It's a simple project that gives the tree that home-made-with-love feel.
The circular ornament I made using Kreaxions Punches.
Chris featured this type of ornament in Kreaxions recent blog hop.
Check out HER BLOG for instructions!!!
The Poinsettia I also made from Craft Smith hexagon paper
(The Holiday Elegance Paper Pad).
My sweet little boy was fascinated with the poinsettia and decided he should make one also.
Here are the instructions he followed:
Step 1:Cut 12 diamonds from the hexagon paper.
Step 2:Cut an 1/8 inch off the edges of 3 of the diamonds. Cut a 1/4 inch off the edges of 3 of the diamonds.
Step 3: Use ink or other product on the edge of each diamond.
Step 4: Role the petals on a marker to get a nice curve.
Step 5: punch a 1/2 inch circle and a 1/2 inch snowflake. 
Step 6: Crease one tip of each petal, about 3 stripes up.
Step 7: Adhere 2 of the large petals to the circle, directly across from each other.
Step 8: Adhere the remaining large petals on the circle do that they are spaced evenly.
Step 9: Adhere the medium petals on the large petals. Spaced evenly. 
Step 10: Adhere the small petals on the medium petals. Spaced evenly. 
Step 11: Press the points of the snowflake up.
Adhere to the center of the Poinsettia. 
Step 12: Lace a piece of twine through one of the petals.
Knot at both ends, for an ornament hanger. 
Paper:Craft Smith Co.
Metallic Rub:Inka Gold
Punches:Kreaxions, Fiskars, & Uchida

Scrap On!


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