Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mandala Cards

The art of drawing Mandalas is ancient and relaxing.  For some it is a spiritual experience and for others an artistic out-pouring. I can't draw to save my life but I can make ANYTHING with scraps of paper. After enjoying several original designs via Google images I found a tutorial. I learned the basic idea and started making Mandala designs on cards.
My first card was bright, cheery, and a little off center.
My second card was grander with touches of red and copper.
When I thought I had the general idea down I made a standard size card in gold and blue. This design is much more detailed and exacting. Not perhaps how the Mandala was meant to be produced, but I was VERY happy with the result.
The website I used for instructions has a basic step by step as well as a nicely done video with inspirational music.
The Tutorial I used:

Stickers:Heidi Swapp
Glitter and Pearlescent Glue:Ranger, Duncan
Washi Tape:Love My Tapes
Word Die:Elizaberth Craft Designs
Doilies:Kreaxions Circle Cutter and Punches #906, #907, #918

Scrap On!


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