Sunday, April 30, 2017

How To Make a Beautiful Card for Baby

Here's how to make a beautiful card for baby using Kreaxions 4-in-1 punches from Just Imagine Crafts. The pieces give a card tiny details. Using the various inserts adds a border or corner with ease.
~ Hello Love ~    
For this card I used Punch #923 with insert A on the corners. 
I used insert C to add the border punch.

The tiny flowers are the pieces from Punch #306, Punch #902, and Punch #910. I finished the card with Stickles as the flower centers.
The tiny flowers would have been impossible to add without my ScraPerfect Products.
To pick up each tiny flower I used Embellie Gellie.
One drop of the Best Glue Ever is stronge enough to hold each flower to the card base.
Such a tiny drop can only be added using the No-Clog Writing Cap.
Paper:Craft Smith
Glitter Glue:Stickles
Adhesive, Embellie Gellie:ScraPerfect

Scrap On!


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