Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hexagon Happiness: Here Comes Trouble

Who's ready for a little Hexagon Happiness? I've got a cheery layout to brighten your day and some Hexagon template tips to follow. Just keep scrolling and enjoying.
~Here Comes Trouble~

Fancy Pants; Over The Moon patterned paper and chipboard on MME; Kraft Fun Day. CTMH ink, Spare Parts brads, and stash twine. Sketch by Jana Eubank.

Here's the layout without photos and embellishment. Look at all those different sized hexagons. How'd I do that? Glad you asked. Here are the instructions for downloading and printing the templates for these hexagons. The above layout uses 1 large, 2 medium, 2 small, and 2 x-small hexagons.
Hexagon Templates
Hexagons are all the rage this season in the papercrafting industry. With the multiple angles and surfaces that these shapes offer, the potential for layering is endless. The greatest difficulty with using hexagons is the template. If you have a die cutting system your problems are easily solved. Don't read any further, this won't interest you! If you don't happen to have such a system or the correct die you may continue.
Because each printer is set up a bit differently I was unable to find a template that would work as a simple copy and paste for everyone. However, a quick internet image search should reveal printable hexagon templates. For copyright purposes I cannot repost the addresses here, but I found MANY choices online.
After downloading the target set your printer to a 5x7 image size and print a test copy. If the printed hexagon is approximately 5 inches in diameter (across) you are in business. Once you have your printer and pattern set to the right sizes print out four hexagon templates.
Trim the excess paper from one template and label this one "large."
Trim the excess paper from a second template. Using your paper trimmer, remove 1/4 inch of paper from each side of the hexagon. Label this template "medium."
Trim the excess paper from a third template. Using your paper trimmer remove 5/8 inch of paper from each side. Label this template "small."
Trim the excess paper from a fourth template. Using your paper trimmer remove 1.25 inches of paper from each side. Label this template "x-small."
To ensure that you will be able to use these templates repeatedly, trace them onto flexible, plastic cutting boards.  After cutting them out label with the above sizes and measurements, and store with your other templates.
~charity becker~


  1. I've been using tiny 1" sized hexagons - but I'm ready to bust out and use larger ones as you mentioned. Great tutorial and I'm heading into the craft room after school today!

  2. I really need to get on the hexagon band-wagon! Your layout makes me want to do it even more.