Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How To Make A Delightful Bracelet That is Quick and Easy

If you like altered items then you will want to know how to make this delightful bracelet that is quick and easy.  I love costume jewelry. when this fun piece showed up in a box from my Grandmother I knew right away it was destined to become something NEW!
~ Forget Me Not ~
 The bezels had a resin or epoxy substance with glitter in them. A bit of concentrated heat from the heat gun had them popped right out. They had yellowed and looked grimy. 
 Step 1: Dab the top of the bezel with pigment ink.
Step 2: Place paper over a lightly padded surface, press bezel onto paper.
Step 3:Cut out inside of inked frame to use for a pattern. Press into bezel to trim any high edges.
Step 4:Trace pattern onto reverse of Wedding Cut-Outs Cardstock.

Step 5: Use a dab of the Best Glue Ever to tack the paper down to the bezel. This ScraPerfect glue is so versatile it is perfect for attaching the cardstock to the metal.
Step 6:Pour gloss medium onto bezel, add Heart Dew Drops and two Black Diamond Dew Drops. To attach these items use Embellie Gellie. It helps put small items EXACTLY where you want them!
Step 7: Leave to cure for 24 to 48 hours.
To string the bracelet use elastic cord. Measure the width of the wrist plus one inch for tying fasteners. Bead, tie, and add fasteners to the ends. 
 Wear your new bracelet or give as a gift.
This dramatic bracelet is sure to please where ever it goes!
Paper and Dew Drops:Robin's Nest
Pigment Ink:Clearsnap
Glue, Embellie Gellie:ScraPerfect
Beads:Bead Treasures
Clear Stretch Cord:Cousin
Glossy Medium:Ranger

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How To Make Colorful Foil Stars to Celebrate Bravery

This tutorial will show you how to make a colorful foil star card to celebrate bravery and our military heroes.  Stars don't have to be for patriotic projects alone, they work beautifully for graduation and birthdays as well.
~ Celebrate ~
To make these stars I started with Rinea Foiled Paper.
I cut a 3", 3.5", and 4" circle using the Kreaxions Circle Cutter.
I divided each circle into 5 sections with a protractor, making a mark every 72 degrees.
I used Kreaxions Punch #907 at each mark.
I trimmed any excess paper and my stars were finished.
Kreaxions products may be purchased in the USA from Just Imagine Crafts.

I enlarged the center piercing of each circle and also pierced the card front.
I stacked the stars and placed a white brad through the center.
I stamped my sentiment and matted it with blue foiled paper.
The foiled paper from the Rinea Jewels Crafter's Pack  was AMAZING to work with. Not only did it cut clean and smooth with my punches, it sharpened them as I used it!

Foiled Paper:Rinea
Brad:Spare Parts
Stamps:Teresa Collins, CTMH
Ink:Clear Snap
Clear Embossing Powder:Wow Embossing Powder
Circle Cutter and Punch #907:Just Imagine/Kreaxions

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How To Make A Spectacular Butterfly Magnet Gift

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a spectacular butterfly magnet gift. Quick is good when making teacher gifts. With the multitude of events to attend at the end of the school year it is difficult to find time to craft a little appreciation gift. These butterflies are simple yet as dramatic as the papers you choose.
~ Butterfly Magnets ~
The first step in making these butterflies is to choose coordinating papers. My only concern was matching my papers, all from The Robin's Nest, with the Little Friends I used for the bodies. I put a dark layer at the center, stripes in the back, and florals up front. 
The top layer of butterflies are cut from Pink Roses Cardstock and Daisy Stripe Cardstock. The center layers are cut from Daughters Cardstock and Charity Cardstock. The last layer is the reverse of Spring Flower Cardstock and Star Glitter Cardstock .
With my Just Imagine Crafts Butterfly Die I cut two layers of paper at a time. I used Kreaxios 4-in-1 Punch #305 on the tips of the floral butterfly. I trimmed the tips of the center butterfly to match the top one.
I used Deco Art acrylic paint in Shimmering Silver to gild the edges of the blue butterfly and in Splendid Gold for the other.
 I cut the antennae from the center butterflies. I stacked the sets together and folded the wings up on either side.
 To hold the variety of materials together I only needed one adhesive, Best Glue Ever.
A thin strip of glue on the striped and center butterflies is sufficient to hold the paper together. A thicker strip of glue attaches the soft body of the Little Friend to the top butterfly.
A circular smear of the same glue attaches the butterfly to a magnet. Without my ScraPerfect products I would have had to use three types of glue. With BGE I am guaranteed a strong, flexible hold that dries quickly.
After the glue had dried I adjusted the wings of the butterfly so each layer is visible. Curl the tips of the wings around a pencil to mimic movement.
 Slip two or three of these butterflies in a gift bag and let your child enjoy making their teacher smile!
Paper, People:Robin's Nest
Butterfly Die:Just Imagine Crafts
Corner Punch:Kreaxions #305
Paint:Deco Art

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How To Make an Epic Rose Suspended in a Bell Jar

If you want to know how to make an epic rose suspended in a bell jar read on! Projects that WOW are where it's at. A simple candle hurricane? A scrap of red paper? A squeeze of glitter glue? No! This is no ordinary rose, this is an enchanted rose...made by YOU!
The idea for this bit of fantasy was sparked by seeing a hurricane glass, face down, on a dusty thrift store shelf. Suddenly I could see the characters from that well known animation...and a rose, glittering and wilting as the time past. Of course it came home with me! 
The rose is a multi step process and frankly there are hundreds of rose tutorials on line. If you can stand reading another one, I can stand writing it. This project was made using ScraPerfect products. Substituting with a different adhesive would change the outcome.
Step 1: Cut/Punch 3 scalloped circles, pierce the center. Mine are 2.5" in diameter.
Step 2: Cut each circle into 6 even sections, leaving a 1/2 inch center. Roll the petals around a pencil or other cylindrical tool. Place a mini brad through the center to hold all three circles/layers together.
Step 3: ( Top Layer) Add a dot of glue to the right, underside of one petal. Fold that petal towards the center and overlap the sides to form the center of the rose. 
Step 4: Fold the remaining 5 petals towards the rose center, adhering each one around the center with dots of glue on the petal edges. For a more symmetrical rose, choose the petal opposite for each fold.
Step 5:(Middle Layer) Add a dot of glue to the right, top edge of every other petal. Fold and adhere those petals toward the center. The rose will resemble a blender blade.
Step 6: Add a dot of glue to the left, top edge of the remaining petals. Fold and adhere those petals toward the center.
Step 7: Wrap a hair band around the center of the rose until the glue had had time to cure. I left mine till the next day.
Fold the lower layer of petals towards the center, then roll the rim to the underside. This layer of petals should also be worked every other one, 3 at a time.
Step 8: Cut a strip of paper 1/4" wide and 12" long. Wrap it around a pencil to create a spiral.
Step 9: Pierce the end of the spiral stem, attach it to the bottom of the rose with the brad that holds the rose layers together.
Now that the paper rose has properly bloomed, the time has come to suspend it in the glass. Really though, this is the easiest part of the project. A line of glue on the back of each spiral is all it takes. Use a pencil to press the stem to the glass. The spiral stem creates an optical illusion that convinces the mind the rose is hanging in mid air.

The magic is all in the glue. The Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect to be exact. Because BGE is flexible yet SUPER strong it holds the stem to the glass without hardening and releasing. Leave the rose to cure over night, lay the hurricane on its side and place a heavy cylindrical object (mine was a drill bit) in the spiral to hold it in place.
Hurricane Decoration 
Step 1:Stamp a flourish design on thin paper.
Step 2: Roll balls of Embellie Gellie. Flatten them on the inside of the hurricane, overlapping the stamped paper. The Embellie Gellie will act like tape without leaving residue on the glass.
Step 3: Trace the lines of the flourish with glitter glue.
Step 4: Use BGE to place Dew Drops along the flourish. Leave each portion of the design to cure for an hour or 2 before moving on.
The Perfect Cleaning Cloth is a life saver for glass projects. With a bit of a rub it removes finger prints, dust, and residue. I used my PCC several times during this project.
The primary colors and simple design enhance the beauty of this project. Wow factor is through the roof and you have your own enchanted rose to give or to keep. Lucky for you, this one won't wilt!
Paper, Dew Drops:Robin's Nest
Glue, Paper Tack, Cleaner:ScraPerfect
Hurricane Glass:Thrift Store
Glitter Glue:Home Made
Punch:Punch Bunch
Die:Echo Park

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Monday, May 1, 2017

New Design Team Announcement: Rinea Foil

I am Over-The-Moon excited to announce I am a designer for Rinea!
A specialty crafting material imported from Germany, Rinea paper foil is made up of paper lined with colorful aluminum foil on both sides. It works like paper and foil at the same time and can be used with any paper crafting tools. These are the products I will be working with:
Stop by the Rinea Shop to pick up foil as an assortment or by the roll.

The Rinea Blog is where I will be displaying my projects.
Find Rinea on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook also!

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