Thursday, October 8, 2015

Paper Pumpkin

It's my favorite time of year...pumpkin everything!!!
Today's project is a Pumpkin made from punched strips, laced with washi tape.
To begin I cut 8 strips 12x 3.5 inch strips from cardstock. I punched both sides with Kreaxions punch #311. Then I unrolled a 13 inch piece of washi tape, folded it in half, and laced it through the punch marks.
 I covered a toilet paper tube with matchin paper. I used brads to fasten the ends of the strips into one end of the tube. Then I folded those strips outward and over and connected all of them together at the top with another brad.

To form the stem I rolled a 3x3 piece of paper into a tube. I folded one end of the tube back into itself and cut four slits into the other end of the tube. These pieces I adhered to the top of the pumpkin.
 To add to the charm of this home made pumpkin, just add a battery operated candle and let it glow all night.

Washi Tape:Love My Tapes

Scrap On!


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