Saturday, January 2, 2016

Snowflake Card

Winter windows just aren't complete without a few paper snowflakes. I never was very good at getting my folds exact so that all six sides of my design matched. This winter I discovered how to make snowflakes with my Kreaxions punches.
 Problem Solved!!!

To begin this project you will need a circle cutter, protractor, punch #301, and scissors.
Cut a 5 inch circle from Cardstock.
Divide the circle into 12 sections. 
This is easiest to measure at 30 degree intervals with a protractor.
Step 2:
Punch every other line with Punch #301, 
centering the punch exactly each time.
Step 3:
Cut the circle again with the Circle Cutter set at 4 inches.
Step 4:
Punch the in between lines with Punch #301.
Step 5:
Trim the outside set of punch marks.
I curved mine toward the center, as drawn on the paper.
It may take a few tries to get the hang of punching exactly on the lines. 
If your first few tries come out a little damaged cut them in half and use them as layers, peaking out from behind a photo or card sentiment.
Punch:Kreaxions #301
Circle Cutter:Kreaxions

Scrap On!


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