Monday, May 9, 2016

Fairy Garden

Mother's day isn't just for moms. It's for Grandmas and Great Grandmas also. We are privileged to live in the same town as my grandmother. She is always putting together gift bags for the kids and I. For Mother's Day we made her this Fairy Garden.

The glass container is a thrifting find. Honestly, it is one that has sat around for a year waiting to be used. But I am happy I had it!
To begin we drew out an idea on paper. It was NOT to scale and caused a bit of confusion, but we worked it out in the end. Each of us made a piece of our display.
Mine was the arbor. I made it much to large the first time. I used wire and branches that were much to big. I was sent back to make something more delicate and "fairy-ish". This time I used branch-lings and twine. For stability I hot glued the sticks together then wrapped them with twine. I added leafy cuttings between the sticks the structure was finished.
Si put together the fence. He cut branchlings into small sections and wrapped them with wire. The plant is a $4 succulent from Walmart. A plastic sleeve is buried to the rim and the pot fits right down inside. It can be easily removed for watering.
Lori is the sort of person that scoops up bits of this and that while she is walking home. She was fascinated by the square bits of broken safety glass she encountered one day and stored them away. She made the garden path with them.
The pond was AJ's creation. She used clear, shaped rhinestones to mark out the edges of a little pool then used tiny gravel for the water.
Grandma loved the fairy garden and will show it off proudly. 
We truly enjoyed making it for her!!!

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