Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer's Bounty

Another week another MME project! The first MME challenge for September is to document "The End of Summer." For me that is the time I collect the seeds from my flowers for planting next year. My hollyhocks are always stunning and this year I decided to share their seeds with my Mom. My flower garden is my pride and joy so only the best will do for seed sharing. That means MME products and a
cool new project and packaging.
For this project I decided to make a book to hold the seeds. (More surfaces to decorate!) I used Follow Your Heart, Lost and Found 2 and Sweet Caroline embellishments and paper for this project as well as CTMH ink for the paper edges.
As Summer fades into Fall it leaves us with a bountiful harvest to enjoy. I used the train image to symbolize the changing of the seasons. I added some silver net trim from my stash and came up with a folding technique to hold the Octagon seed "pages."
The pages are made with 3 inch octagon frames. The windows of the Octagons are cut from Lost and Found 2 transparencies. The backs of the pages are framed photos of the flowers the seeds will grow. Each packet of seeds has an additional flower tab so they don't get confused.
The final page in the book is a shot of my beloved flower garden. It is right outside my kitchen window so that I can look out on my lovelies while I'm at my chores.


  1. So so pretty and delicate and enchanting and amazing and.......well I could go on forever!!!! I love hearing you talk about your flowers and your garden. It reminds me so much of my grandmother and her beautiful gardens and backyard. She worked in a greenhouse and I still remember the wonderful smells of fresh potted flowers and plants.......and her collecting the seeds every fall......such great memories. Thank you for that Charity!! She was very special to me!! green thumb at all LOL!!!