Saturday, September 15, 2012

Transparency Flowers

I'm all about flowers made from transparencies today. Check out the steps to make these flowers, then follow this link over to the Practical Scrapper's Blog and view two more tutorials!
Transparencies come in various sizes, colors, prints and pre-designated uses. I like to make flowers from transparencies with an all over print. You will need a jeweled brad, a pair of tweezers, a heating tool, and a paper trimmer or pair of scissors.
First cut 4 strips measuring 2 ½ by ½ inches. Pierce each strip at the center. Thread each strip onto a brad so the arms spread out like an asterisk.
Using tweezers, grasp the brad by the “feet” and hold it upside down. Turn on the heating tool and warm the transparencies for 5-10 seconds. It will quickly become pliable. Use your fingers to mold the strips into a curved shape, bent toward the brads jeweled center. The strips may need reheated a few times to get the curve you have in mind.
To make a smaller flower try cutting strips that are 1 ½ inches by ½ inch. Give the strips a shallower curve so the flower has a more open appearance.
What’s a scrapper to do if a heating tool is nowhere to be found? Here’s a second flower option. For this one you’ll need a print transparency, a jeweled brad, and a paper piercer.
Cut 4 strips 3 ½ by ¼. Pierce each strip in the middle and ¼ inch from each end.
Thread a strip onto the brad using the center piercing. Bend one side of the strip in and thread it onto the brad, bend the other side in and thread it onto the brad. Repeat this process for all four strips, taking care to turn each strip so that the flower petals form an asterisk.
These flowers are lots of fun to add to any crafting project, but look especially snazzy on gift tags!
After you have completed your flower cut a 3 inch circle from card stock. Pierce the center and insert the transparency blossom. Fold the brad back securely. Punch a small hole ¼ inch from the side and thread about 6 inches of twine through in a slip knot.
This tutorial was first featured as a Scrapbook Steals How To'sday.
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  1. Here goes nothing. I don't have any transparencies, but I do have some clear packaging from scrap products - should work the same sort of way, right? If it does, it'll be perfect timing and *exactly* the touch I was looking for on this project!

    1. Just thought I'd share that the packaging worked fairly well. I ended up layering the plastic petals over similar sized strips of patterned paper. I also tipped the plastic petals with glitter glue to give them a little extra umph!