Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lyndy Bear

Recently a college pal of mine joined me for a night of studying and carmel corn. Since we were at my house she wanted the tour and was thrilled with the scrap room. "Make me something you've never made before!!! Out of Pink and Black," she said, after taking in the array of finished projects and hoards of supplies. "Sure," I blithely replied.
But agreeing was the only easy part of this project. Paper was not meant to be eased in, stuffed, or jointed! I threw bits of this project across the room, and gave up on it at least once a day. Then in a flash the final piece of the puzzle came to me and now it is done.
~Lyndy Bear~
This project is for the MME stamping challenge.
Traditionally such a bear will have embroidery on the seams so that it resembles a crazy quilt. Paper can't handle that type of abuse so instead I stamped the body pieces with various stamps from my many MME supplies.
To give Lyndy a refined air I have added a striped blossom on a velvet ribbon tied about her neck.
If you wish to make such a bear my first piece of advice to you would be, DON'T!!! This was agonizingly difficult and stretched my patience much to far. If you insist on making one, I would suggest having several of each sheet of paper. I made three heads and two sets of legs before finishing this bear.
I used the pattern from this website.
Paper Twine and Stamps:MME
Embossing Powder:Stampendous and Wow
Stickles and Embossing Ink:Ranger 


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