Friday, October 5, 2012

Washi Tape Tutorial

Washi tape is a fun new craze and I’m having loads of fun playing with it. The bright colors make it a natural accent for craft paper. For this card I choose a sheet of craft paper with printed designs.

Step 1: Using a craft knife, cut out portions of the printed images.

Step 2. Trace the edge of the patterned paper onto a white piece of cardstock, then trace the cut-out areas.
Step 3: Place washi tape over the coresponding areas on the white cardstock. If the pencil makings are too dark, lightly erase so that they won’t show through the tape.
Step 4: Cut the white cardstock so it fits completely behind the patterned paper. Embellish bits of the design with floss or twine. Adhere the white cardstock to the patterned paper.
Step 5: Adhere patterned paper to a card blank. Wrap the edges of the card with a corresponding color of washi tape.
Step 6: Send love to someone and brighten their day!
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