Saturday, November 10, 2012

Places to Go...

Thanks Giving will be here in a few short weeks. If you are part of the group of Americans that make this holiday the biggest travel day of the year you are already dreading the sound of "Are We There Yet???"
WELL, have I got a post for you!!!
Kids need something to do in the car, there is no question about that. But they are such messy little pipsqueaks and WILL get stuff all over the place! I came up with a way to hold their interest and keep their mess to something as innocuous as chalk dust.
~ Places to Go... ~
This project showcases DCWV's chalkboard stack in style.
Step1: I covered a wood clipboard with chalk board paper, then defined the edges with black washi tape.
Step2: I found printable state shapes on the internet, shrunk them to the proper size, then traced them on to different colored chalkboard papers. After cutting and adhering them I had the base for our driving route.
Step3: I marked destinations and places of interest with star or round brads. I traced the route out in order by running a strand of beading cord around the brads starting and ending with "home."
Step4: On a Snap Shot stack Journal card I wrote names of these places and placed a corresponding brad next to it. I attached the journal card to the clipboard with a binder ring.
Although you may not be travelling the circuit I have marked out on this clipboard, this project can easily be altered to a single state with various cities. As you drive along the kids find lots of entertainment in telling you exactly where your next stop or point of interest will be. They can draw all over their chalk-board and the most they'll get on the upholstery is chalk dust!
GENIUS I tell you!!!