Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Box Tutorial

We scrappers love to come up with ways to reinvent time proven traditions. Today I have an advent box that I designed around two Kiwi Lane Design templates. I saw the hexagons in their shop and could feel the inspiration bubbling up!
Treat Boxes
Supplies:4 12 x 12 sheets heavy cardstock
strong adhesive
Kiwi Lane Designs Template: Shapes 6T (large hexagon)

Step 1: Trace 6T on a 12x12 sheet of cardstock. If the template is lined up as shown, 12 templates will fit on a single sheet. You will need to trace the template 48 times to get the tops and bottoms of your treat boxes.
Step 2: Cut out the hexagons, being careful to keep edges straight and corners sharp.
Step 3: For the top of the box score the perimeter of the hexagon 1/2 inch in from the edge. This will create a diamond shape at each corner. 
Step 4: Label the scored lines 1-12 as shown. Score the diamond shapes in half, creating two triangles at each corner.
Step 5: Cut each line below the odd numbers so that only one edge of the triangle is lose.

Step 6: Fold the scored perimeter up to form the box. Place adhesive on the odd numbered triangles and slip that behind the edge of the box nearest it. There should be an even number, a small triangle, and another even number showing with each corner you adhere. When you have completed the edge of the box all odd numbers will be hidden.
Step 7: For the bottom of the box score the perimeter of the hexagon 5/8 inch from the edge. Then follow steps 4-6 to complete the box.
Step 8: Add a small treat to the hexagon box and tie a scrap of twine or yarn to hold it closed. Add tiny type numbers to the boxes to indicate which day each will be opened.
Step 9:Place boxes 24, 23, and 22 in the small stacked box and the remaining boxes in the large stacked box.
Box Topper
Heavy cardstock
21 inches of 1/2 inch ribbon
3 hook and loop fasteners
Kiwi Lane Designs template 2T
Step 1: Trace and cut 2T.
Step 2: Cut the ribbon into 7 inch lengths, adhere the hook portion of the fasteners to the tips of the ribbon. Adhere the other ends of the ribbon so that they meet in the middle of the hexagon.
Step 3: Adhere the loop portion of the fasteners to the bottom of the large stacking box.
Step 4: Adhere 3 paper roses to the top of the hexagon. Instructions for making paper roses can be found in this blog post:
Step 5: Assemble the boxes and place topper so that the boxes are held together.

As you can see, these are only the instructions for the treat boxes and for the topper. Because of the length and intricacy of the instructions for this advent box I spread them out across three blogs. You will find the instructions for the smaller stacked box here:
Practical Scrappers
and the instructions for the larger stacked box here:

Kiwi Lane Designs
I hope you've enjoyed this project. It was LOADS of fun to design. I'd love it if you'd link your project to my blog when you've finished!!!


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  1. Um...WOW!!!! Awesome project. You are so stinking creative.