Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pretty Papers

I have been waiting VERY impatiently for the new paper from Craft Smith. Yesterday I strolled into my Michaels and discovered more paper pads then my budget could hold!!!
I chose just four.
~Dip Dyed~
 These papers are an average thickness, as are the rest of the paper pads. I'd call this color family Popsicle Brights.
There are 4 different fade styles.
1. Color on the lower edge fading to white
2. Color in the middle fading to white on each end
3.Color on each end fading to white in the middle
4. Three bright colors fading into each other
 This paper collection is a continuation of the Popsicle Bright color type. The orange and turquoise pair well with the lime green and lemon yellow. It is the ultimate spring stack with flowers and butterflies and great geometrics. Here are some sample pages including a great one-and-done style.
 ~Tea Party~
 This collection looks like it was made JUST for us. We do love a good party and like to find reasons to pull out the mismatched china. It has lots of coral and teal with pastel yellow, green, and pink as accents.
 Gold foil adds the icing to this cupcake! It is sprinkled liberally across 12 of the papers. Butterflies, birdcages, paisleys, and florals are just a few of the available prints. 
 ~Terra Nova~
This paper pad reminds me of an old library. Maps, alphas, leather, and even a book print are among the pages. The colors are deep and earthy with a nice range of brights and darks.
 Each of the 48 sheets in this pad have a grid texture.
The Hot Buy paper pads will be available for a limited time. The paper pads found in the aisle with the other manufacture choices will be available longer.
Scrap On!

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