Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to Make a Remarkable Journal with Foiled Paper

Do you need to know how to make a remarkable journal with foiled paper? Journaling encourages self expression and is exceedingly therapeutic. There is no better place to write down one's thoughts after a chaotic day then in a beautiful book.
 ~ Octopus Journal ~
Adding a personal touch to a blank notebook steps up the appeal without decreasing the efficiency. But how do you get the most lovely of papers to lay smoothly on a run-of-the-mill diary?
Well there's a simple solution for that!
That's right, the barest amount of ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever sticks those papers down with not a wrinkle in sight. To demonstrate this ability of BGE I used two colors of wrapping paper and an embossed foiled paper.
 First I cut three pieces of the green paper for the front, back, and magnetic flap of this lined journal. I cut them large so there would be extra paper to fold over the edges. I also cut two strips of silver wrapping paper for the spines on this journal.
 After sparingly applying BGE to the diary I smoothed the paper over the glue. I left a 1/2 inch gap between the edge of the foiled paper and the spine. I cut the corners of the excess paper diagonally so the flaps would fold nicely to the inside. I applied BGE to the flaps and folded them inward.
 For the inside of the cover I cut silver and peacock patterned wrapping paper. Once again I very sparingly applied BGE to the diary and smoothed the paper over the glue in overlapping layers. I added the paper while the glue was very wet so that I had time for repositioning.
 I cut around the design on the peacock paper and used pinking shears on the edge of the silver paper. I covered each spine with a strip of silver paper then trimmed it close.
 The remaining gap I covered with washi tape. The hinge part of the binding tends to wrinkle and stress the paper so that it wears out easily. Washi tape better handles this constant bending.
 I used a dark green tape over the edge of the binding and a silver tape to cover the edges of the green tape and the foil paper.
 The journal was fully covered at this point and the magnetic strip still worked because I had used thin wrapping paper. However, I still wanted a focal point for the front.
 Because the journal was gifted with a stuffed Octopus I used that as my subject. I stamped and heat embossed an octopus onto vellum. I stamped it twice so that the design could continue onto the flap. I used BGE to attach the vellum then topped the edges with more silver washi tape.
Both the vellum and the thin wrapping paper went
onto the diary without a wrinkle. ScraPerfect
and the Best Glue Ever made this exceptional gift possible.


Wrapping Paper, Journal:Walmart
Embossed Foil Paper:TJMaxx
Octopus Stamp:Stampabilities
Ink:Color Box
Embossing Powder:WOW
Vellum:Close To My Heart
Washi Tape:Love My Tapes
Stuffed Octopus:Walmart

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