Saturday, November 18, 2017

How To Make Hair Dye Mistakes Disappear

I love using brightly colored semi-permanent dyes on my hair. The down or purple ear tips. The instructions are clear about adding a layer of petroleum jelly to the hair line and ear tips. Somehow I still get dye on bits and pieces of me. 
Most recently I smeared it on my arms while I was reaching for the nape of my neck. Don't judge my photos too harshly, I always dye my hair just before sleeping, the lighting was dreadful!
One of the design team members had used ScraPerfect's solvent to remove stains left from permanent color. I though, why not try it with semi-permanent. I spritzed Best Cleaner Ever on my arms and let sit 10 minutes. I washed with dish soap and
💥 POOF 💥 
my purple stains disappeared.
As in COMPLETELY gone!!!!
I have never been so ecstatic, or so clean after a dying episode! (😏)
I have tried MANY cleaners to remove those stains in the past. Coconut Oil works the best but still takes several applications.
When I use the Best Cleaner Ever I know I am not absorbing dangerous chemicals with my skin. This product is:
and it has 
No Harmful Fumes.
I'd say that's a WIN WIN situation!
Stop by the ScraPerfect online store and have some on hand for your next hair dyeing experience.

Scrap On!


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