Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How To Make A Beaded Rose Ornament From Burlap Flower

A burlap flower makes a wonderful ornament for your tree. Add a bit of paint and some beads and your Beaded Rose Ornament is ready to go. Burlap flowers from Canvas Corp are the perfect starting point for this project.
Burlap Flower (Canvas Home Basics)
High Impact Paint, Red (Tattered Angels)
 Step 1: Paint tips of flower red. 
Start at the back and paint a thin layer just on the edge. As you work around the flower the paint will dry quickly. 
Step 2: Leave to dry.
An extra 15 minutes should be enough to keep the paint from smearing where it isn't wanted.
 Step 3:Add three strands of red thread to the flower center.
Tie a knot in the end of three 10" strands of thread. Thread all three onto a needle and pull through the center of the flower. To anchor the strands take a couple small stitches through the top two layers.
 Step 4: Bead each thread strand.
A) Thread needle with one of the strands and add 5 beads.
B) Loop the thread through the last bead a second time.
C) Hold 5th bead about one inch from the flower and tie a knot between the last bead and the remaining four to hold it in place.
D) Thread the needle through the remaining four beads and back into the flower center. Tie a knot at the back of the flower to secure strand of beads.
 Step 5: Attach ornament hanger.
Weave the lower hook through the bottom two layers of burlap so that it holds securely.
 This 30 minute Beaded Rose is so easy to make that you will find multiple uses for it. Fill your Christmas tree, use as Package tie-ons, or add several to a wreath. I've used one to decorate the cover for my journal. 
Friday I'll have instructions for you on sewing and decorating your own canvas journal cover.

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