Monday, December 18, 2017

How To Make Food Oil Mistakes Disappear

If you are messy in the kitchen then you will want to know how to make food oil mistakes disappear. I spilled cooking oil on my lounge pants. It was a sad day and I had much frustration as I looked down at my favorite comfy pants. 
I have used ScraPerfect products for a year now, but I wasn't certain that they would fix my dilemma. Still, I had to try. Best Cleaner Ever is a non-toxic solvent and because I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin that really matters to me.
I sprayed down the grease stains and threw the pants in the laundry. The next day I loaded the washer and hoped for the best. Because it was a grease stain I hung them to dry, just in case the Best Cleaner Ever didn't quite do the trick.
They looked just fine, but sometimes you can't tell until a thing is completely dry. The next day they did indeed look oil free, but now they were stiff and COLD! I threw them in the dry for a heated fluffing.
What do you know! ScraPerfect products have done it again! My lounge pants are free to make me comfortable and warm. Thanks to the Best Cleaner Ever my skin didn't break out from the harsh chemicals found in most stain removers and solvents!

Scrap On!


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