Sunday, March 11, 2018

Majestic Peacock From Rinea Foiled Paper

Peacocks are a majestic bird and their beauty is tripled with Rinea Foiled Paper. I first made this peacock in 2014 from DCWV glitter cardstock. When I received the Peacock Foiled Paper Variety Pack from Rinea it was love at first sight. Way past time to make another peacock!
Rinea Peacock Foiled Paper Variety Pack
Decorative Punch
Body and Wings
#4 Circle of Emerald Foiled Paper
#4 Circle of Violet Foiled Paper
#2 Circle of Cardstock
Step 1:Trace and cut #4 Circle of Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foiled Paper
Step 2:Line up the center lines of the #3 Circle Stencil with the edge of the Emerald Circle. Mark the three visible slots with a felt tip pen, very lightly so the pen does not leave a mark on the reverse side.
Step 3: Punch the circle five times, once on each line and between the lines.
Step 4:Trim between the punch marks with a craft knife so the edge resembles points or "feathers".
 Step 5:Trace and cut #4 Circle from Violet/Violet Starstruck Foiled Paper
Step 6:Mark slots from #4 Stencil (again with a light hand) onto Violet Circle. Punch on Each Line.
Step 7:Trim between punch marks to resemble feathers.
 Step 8:Cut "doily" in half, leaving four points on each side.
Step 9:Trim each doily portion down to 2 1/2 points. Set aside smaller portions for head.
Step 10:Glue "wings" to back, trim off excess Violet to preserve shape of Emerald body.
Step 11:Cut #2 Circle from cardstock. Glue to reverse side of body. Trim off excess cardstock.
Step 12:Roll Emerald body over drinking glass to give it a curve. The cardstock provides bracing.
7-10 Strips, 6x1" of Green, Purple, Blue Foiled Paper
2 Strips, 12x7/8" Cardstock
Step 1:Cut strips of Foiled Paper, Punch Tips.
Step 2:Cut strips of cardstock.
Step 3:Trim and glue 1/2 inch piece of cardstock strip onto the back of each Foiled Paper strip.
Step 4:Roll each feather over a sharpie. Glue to Emerald body in alternating color pattern.
 I chose to do two rows of feathers. Gluing the second row of feathers is tricky but not impossible.
#4 Circle Violet Rinea Foiled Paper
Remaining Wing Pieces
1.25" Circle Emerald Foiled Paper
Step 1:Trace and cut #4 Circle of Violet/Violet Starstruck Foiled Paper
Step 2:Cut 1" off edge of Violet circle.
Step 3:Roll Violet Circle into cone.
Step 4:Trim remaining pieces of wing-doily into topknot. Glue together.
 Step 5:Punch 1.25" Circle of Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foiled Paper. Fold circle in half.
Step 6:Position topknot in folded circle. Glue circle closed.
Step 7:Position half circle in cone top. Trim as needed. Glue in place.
Step 8:Cut slit in neck, 1 inch from the large opening, for tail placement. 
 It will take some adjusting to get the head exactly where you want it. There is no "right" spot. Put it where you like it and call it good.
 The tail slit also takes a lot of adjusting. My peacocks neck ended up with more of a hole than I wanted. But once the tail is inserted the hole is not noticeable.
 The peacock looks less glamorous from this side, but he is still a handsome fellow.
  On a lighter note, my son found the peacock on the table and had QUESTIONS. He wanted to know when I planned on finishing it, turning it into a REAL peacock. He was unimpressed when I told him it was a decorative piece, that I didn't plan on adding a full body or legs.
Boys are such difficult creatures! 😜
Foiled Paper:Rinea
Circle Stencils:Rinea
Corner/Border Punch:Kreaxions
Circle Punch:CTMH
Adhesive:ScraPerfect, Velmar

Scrap On!


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