Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Regency Romance

This summer my 11 year old decided to learn to sew. She wanted a dress like the costumes in Sense and Sensibility. We found a simple pattern and a fabulous gold cloth. But 15 minutes into the project she was done! She was just fine with Mom finishing off the dress in her spare time.
True to her word, she made supper on each day that I had time to work on the dress. It wasn't till Christmas break that I finally got it done. She is thrilled with the dress and treated me to a fabulous photo shoot.
~ from the side:
~ from the back:
~ from the front:
~The Lady at her Leisure ~



  1. Saw these on FB but didn't know the back story. Awesome job Charity! Why Regency tho? Is she planning to wear it as a regular dress or just for dress up? Love the "lady at her leisure" shot! So appropriate!!

    1. Thanks, Alison. I am pretty excited about how the photos turned out! This particular dress probably stems from the fact that I am VERY strict about which movies I let my kids watch. She's too old for cartoons and has branched out into BBC style movies and Anne of Green Gables. And there is NO way I am making an Anne era dress. Hoop skirts and puffed sleeves are OUT for me. :)
      And most likely she'll wear it as either dress up or out and about. Once we get warm weather again, that is!

  2. Such a pretty and fun dress, your daughter is beautiful!