Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dragons and Mermaids

I am one of the new designers for the Robin's Nest and my specialty is Altered Items. I also happen to have a serious thing for dragons and mermaids. I don't have a lot of practice drawing, but I tried my hand at it for today's project.
I began my project with a white pair of tennis shoes, 
a tracing book by Chris Down, and a pile of Dew Drops!
 I chose a long tailed serpentine dragon for the right shoe and a mermaid with flowing hair for the left shoe. I am not to fond of how her face turned out...but her tail makes me VERY happy! LOL!
On the toe of the dragon's shoe I marked out a treasure pile.
On the mermaid's shoe I colored a treasure chest.
I added dew drops to the toes to give my fairy tale shoes live detail.
Artist Tip: Choose a glue that will move with the shoes or you will be scattering treasure as you walk!
 To finish my side designs I added pearls to the mermaids hair and a gem at her throat. I also adhered a few dew drops to her tail. The Dragon has black diamond dew drops on his wings and a green eye.
The dew drops are SUPER easy to use and so much fun.
My fairy tale shoes sparkle and shine with these perfect additions.

Scrap On!


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