Saturday, June 25, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me

I like to do a Birthday post each year just to share how grateful I am that God has seen fit to keep me here, enjoying this AMAZING life!!!
Today is no different. I got places to see and people to go. 

But first, I've been wrangling with watermark technology. After several paths of misdirection I found this SUPER helpful post on beginner beans. It's an older post...but it checks out!!!
With the help of this post I finally have my OWN watermark for craft images. But why stop there? Here it is on my latest head shot...needed a new one for some upcoming DT announcements!!!

And there it is again, on my silly, just like me and my dear friend Venetia! What a day we had wandering around Tacoma and drinking coffee!!!

And this one...nothing short of magical!
 For the longest day of the year a friend and I hiked up Beacon Hill and came down in the moonlight!

Yep, nothing like a good watermark to make your life a dream come true!
Have a fabulous day, I sure plan to!!!

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