Thursday, November 3, 2016

Squinkie House

Today's project is a re-vamped decor shelf.
My son likes to collect Squinkies and other squishy pencil topper toys. I used my Robin's Nest Paper scraps to give him a fancy place to display his figures. With stencils and a bit of embossing powder this wooden decorator shelf went from bare to bazzinga!!!
Squinkie House
I chose scraps from Pumpkin Glitter Cardstock for the black paper and scraps from Red Rope Glitter Cardstock for the red. I needed just the bare cardstock for this project so I turned the glitter to the back. To begin my project I measured and cut a full set of patterns for the rooms in the house. I numbered them then cut the red and black papers to line the house.
I used a dot runner to stick the squares to my cutting mat so they wouldn't shift during stenciling.
Placing the stencil was tricky. I needed to make sure the seems didn't cut the image in the wrong places. I dabbed the paper through the stencil with pigment ink. I then dusted the red pieces with black embossing powder and the black pieces with white embossing powder.
To get the star-shift look around the Star Wars title I dabbed ink around the embossed letters, dusted it with embossing powder, then used a paint brush to remove excess powder before heating.

To adhere the paper to the back of the shelf I used Super Sticky Tape from American Crafts.

Paper:Robin's Nest
Embossing Powder:Wow

Scrap On!


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