Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How To Make a Nifty Gatsby Inspired Gift Set

With the right supplies it's so easy to make a nifty Gatsby Inspired gift set. I love the glitz and glamor of the Roaring Twenties. I ran across a vintage vanity bottle while out thrifting and visions of flapper girls with pin curls and beaded gowns danced through my head. Of course it came home with me, and here it is in all its altered glory.
 Although this bottle is probably a much later style, it still has the metal filigree reminiscent of the 1920's. With a new color scheme and sprinkling of gems this item looks ready to join the trinkets on Daisy Buchanan's vanity table.
 The tarnished metal cap and removable filigree base were carefully painted and left to dry. I used Deco Art Metallic Acrylic Paint, in Shimmering Silver. The cap was difficult as it is filigree over plastic and I didn't want gobs of paint to muck up the delicate style.
I glued lavender Diamond Dew Drops around the base in sets of three.
The base was uneven at the back, where the metal overlapped. 
I added dots of Scraperfect's Best Glue Ever and let them dry.
This provided an even surface so I could continue my pattern.
 The bottle received a good wash to remove finger prints and then
 a dab of the Best Cleaner Ever to remove the price sticker residue.
 To enhance the lavender and silver theme I decided a strip of Holographic Transfer Foil should go around the bottle. I used washi tape to block out a space then painted it with a VERY thin layer of the Best Glue Ever. I removed the tape and left the bottle to dry to a translucent finish.
I laid transfer foil over the glue, pressed it firmly onto the glue, then quickly removed the foil.
I quickly discovered all the places I had missed with the glue and foil and patched those spots.
 To define the edges of the foil I painted them with Shimmering Silver,
once again using the washi tape to ensure straight lines.
 Pearl toned Diamond and Mini Dew Drops complete the Art Deco design.
 The card is made from Robin's Nest Papers and Cards.
The base is a 4x6 piece of Snow Covered Trees Cardstock layered with Smoky Chevron Cardstock. The cards are from the Aristocratic Blues Collection and the Orange Crush Collection.
The black doily and corners are made using Kreaxions 4in1 Punch #305 on a 3in circle.
 I used Obsidian Diamond Dew Drops and Silver Bells Dew Drops to accent the card.
The dew drops are difficult to place exactly so I used the Embellie Gellie System
and a drop of the Best Glue Ever to secure them.
Stop by ScraPerfect for other products that will ease your crafting woes.
Together these Gatsby Inspired items make a luxurious gift set.
Since I enjoy making these pretties more than I enjoy keeping them,
I am on the lookout for someone to gift them to!
Paper, Dew Drops, Cards:Robin's Nest
Glue, Cleaner, Transfer Foils, Embellie Gellie:ScraPerfect
Embossing Powder:Wow Embossing Powder
Ink:Clear Snap
Stamp:Close To My Heart
Acrylic Paint:Deco Art
4 in 1 Punch:Kreaxions

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