Monday, July 24, 2017

How To Make A Beautiful Mermaid Pillow, Quick And Easy

Here's how to make a beautiful Mermaid Pillow Cover, the quick and easy way. Start with a Canvas Corp Brands pillow cover and the project will be done in an hour or two. Add vibrant color with High Impact Paint by Tattered Angels. The only difficulty is selecting which shade NOT to use.
~ Mer-Pillow ~
Supplies: Burlap Pillow Rectangle; 10" x 18" Pillow Form or Stuffing; Card Stock; High Impact Paint in Light Blue and Turquoise.
Tools: Wax Paper; Craft Knife; Washi Tape; Paint Brushes
Step 1: Print or draw mermaid silhouette. I used Whiteboard paper so I could redraw the lines until I got the angles just right.
Step 2: Cut out mermaid silhouette with craft knife and tape stencil to Burlap Pillow Rectangle. Cut 9" x 17" liner from wax paper. Insert into Rectangle to prevent paint bleed through.
Step 3: Use Stencil brush, sponge, or any blunt brush to dab Light Blue High Impact Paint onto burlap. Allow paint to dry 20 minutes.
Step 4: Dab Turquoise High Impact Paint onto burlap. Mix equal parts of both paint colors and dab onto burlap. Allow paint to dry 20 minutes.
Step 5: Remove Stencil. Use flat, stiff brush to dab Turquoise High Impact Paint around mermaid outline. Leave burlap to dry over night.
Step 6: Remove wax paper liner. Insert 10" x 18" pillow form or stuffing. Display Mer-Pillow with nautical pride.
Washi:My Mind's Eye
Paint:Tattered Angels
Pillow Rectangle:Canvas Corp

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