Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Make An Absolutely Beautiful Gift Box

Here's how to make an absolutely beautiful gift box from Rinea Foiled Paper. The design mimics raindrop optical illusions. It is a bit tricky to line up the circles, but more than worth the effort. 
~ Illusions Gift Box ~
 The sides of this box are a series of fluted concentric rings, die cut from the Jewels Variety Pack of Rinea Foiled Paper. I glued them to Kraft paper in the two patterns below.
 Beginning with the open centered square, I cut a small circle from the side. I cut a corresponding circle from the foil centered square. I exchanged the circles between the two squares.
To complete the gift box I made 3 pair of squares with concentric fluted circles. The first pair had nothing removed. The second pair had one small circle exchanged. The third pair had two small circles exchanged.
 To enhance the party flair of the gift box I punched balloons from an alternate color of Rinea Foiled Paper from the Jewels Variety Pack. I glued Twine to the corner of the box. Over that I added the balloons so that they spread on either side of the corner.
 Here is a view of the Back of the box showing the inverse color schemes.
It is never too early to begin making Teacher Appreciation gifts. With an optical illusion theme this box will be just right for either a male or female recipient. My perfectionist 6th grader will be thrilled to hand over this lavish little number to his adored teacher. 
Foiled Paper: Rinea
Cardstock: Recollections
Ribbon: May Arts
Twine: Jillibean Soup
Best Glue Ever: ScraPerfect 

Scrap On!


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