Friday, September 8, 2017

What You Need To Know To Make An Old Book Beautiful

If you like the idea of making an old book beautiful here is what you need to know. While thrifting I found an old poem book in excellent shape but without illustrations. There was plenty of space on the pages so I decided to add my own illustrations. This months collaboration between Joy Clair Stamps and Rinea Foiled Paper made this project a snap!
~ The Owl and the Pussy Cat ~
 Before we start here is a look at the book, a gorgeous slim volume of verse bound in green with an embossed cover.
 As you can see there is plenty of room on the pages for beautification. 
 Just a few simple tools aided me in my plans:
Rinea Ghost Ink
Joy Clair Stamps
Spell Binders Dies
 The corner pieces I cut from Rinea Copper Foiled Paper. The paper shapes so beautifully with detailed dies. I add a layer of craft foam underneath the foiled paper before running it through my embosser/cutter.
 The ship and the pig's wings were stamped on Rinea Emerald Foiled Paper with Rinea Ghost Ink. I fussy cut them with scissors to fit to the page.
 This pig with wings from the Joy Clair stamp set All Things Possible has a vintage flavor. It is right at home here in this beautiful book.
 To put it all together I used ScraPerfect adhesive.
The Best Glue Ever holds the glossy foiled paper securely. Spread it thin and let it dry to a translucent finish.
The finished product meshes well with the page design and leaves space on the pages. The shine of the Foiled Paper adds a luxurious touch. Look for more illustrated poems in the coming days. This quick and easy project was perfect for Rinea Foiled Paper and ScraPerfect's Best Glue Ever.
Ghost Ink and Foiled Paper:Rinea
Clear Stamps:Joy Clair

Scrap On!


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