Saturday, May 12, 2018

How To Make a Sweet Card With Stunning Stencils

This sweet card uses a stunning stencil to deliver delight. The card base, sentiment, and large die-cut are from the same sheet of 12x12 cardstock. This trick simplifies the design and lets me spend more time on the background and layering.

~ Hello Hello ~

Parts and Pieces:
Card base 4x6"
Patterned Paper Card Front: 3 ¾ X 5 ¾"
Dye Ink and Applicator
30” RicRak
Craft Foam
Die-cut Doily, Teddy Bear, and Sentiment
Best Glue Ever
No-Clog Writing Cap

Step 1:Dab ink through stencil placed over card front. 
Step 2:Adhere doily to card front, center. When layering a card I use ScraPerfect Best Glue Ever at the center but not around the edges. As it dries the doily edges will lift off the card front. This keeps the card from looking too flat and pressed together.

Step 3:Wrap ricrak around card front, tie at center, keeping knot low profile for layering over.
Step 4:Using Best Glue Ever and craft foam build a bridge on the back of the die-cut to span the knot. Leave to dry.

Step 5:Adhere die-cut to card front, then card front to blank.
Step 6:Use a No-Clog Writing Cap to adhere sentiment to card front.

The pale blues, grays, and silver tones of this card had me planning to send it off to a new mother. My daughter had other ideas. She swooped my pretty blue and silver card up and just HAD to have it to give to a teacher. I deemed that a worthy cause and off she went with her prize.
Patterned Paper:49 and Market
Foiled Paper:Rinea
Stencil:Memory Box
Metal Cutting Dies:Peachy Cheap, Amazon
Craft Foam:Thrifted

Scrap On!

~Charity Hotrum~

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