Friday, November 18, 2011

classic paper lines and a winner

Every week the Webster's Pages Blog has a question of the week. A winner is chosen from the comments and a prize package shipped out. Imagine my delight to check in on the WP blog this week and discover that I was the featured winner!!! SO VERY!
This weeks question is which of the older collections is your favorite. That's a difficult question to answer. Brandin O'Neil of Webster's Pages has a classic yet lavish style when it comes to designing paper. My favorite of all her collections to date is Hollywood Vogue. The colors, the artsy designs, the sheer elegance of this line continually inspires me. Here is Hollywood Vogue as I see it, modeled by my delightful eldest daughter.

so this is LOVE~

Don't Blink...she'll be gone~

Her Champion~

Dream Live Grow~ 

Try out the weekly give away for yourself...after all, someone has to win!!!

charity becker

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