Friday, November 25, 2011

Confession Time

Thanksgiving has always been the most important holiday for my family. I have so many happy memories of driving to Grandma's for dinner. The cousins would already be there and the house smelled DELICIOUS!!! But the work to get things ready for that day was almost TOO much for Mama. By Thanksgiving morning she was pretty frazzled. Who wants to make breakfast for 6 kids when you've been up since 4am?

 So she fed us pie for breakfast...that's right, pie!!! We baked the pies the day before and always made an extra of each flavor. Thursday morning we filled our bellies with the best part of the feast, then loaded up the car to drive to Grandma's.

We live to far to drive to Grandma's for Thanksgiving now, but we haven't let go of family tradition. Bright and early thanksgiving morning we were slicing into our favorite pies and chasing every last crumb. So, that was my admission of guilt, what did you have for breakfast Thanksgiving morning?

~charity becker~

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