Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ringmaster For a Day

My second Special-Ops Training is up on the SWAT blog and here's a preview!
When: I actually started this project back in December but decided to go easy on everyone for the first ever Special-Ops. Besides, the Scrap-O-Luck was just too beautiful not to share as soon as I got it done!
Why: My scrappy sister, Kendra sent me these adorable photos of her sweet little girl dressed in an elephant costume for Halloween. I specifically requested them to make into an album and dreamt up the circus theme after they arrived.
How: I hear this question the most often. I can only say that I am a problem solver by nature and my brain needs to be constantly busy. I was looking at my Kiwi Lane Design Templates one day and thought, "If I take this triangle (Celebrate 6), trace it several times and then sew those pieces together I'd have a tent roof." I do recall promising myself NEVER AGAIN to sew scrapbooking paper together into a 3-D project after finishing the Lyndy Bear. Just call me a gluten for punishment cause I did it AGAIN! However, for this project stapling or instant lock adhesive would have worked just as well.
Where: The instructions for the box car are fairly easy, but you will not find them included in this months Special Ops Training. I have grand visions of an entire train, just the right size for beanie babies, made from Celestial Seasonings herbal tea boxes. Get started saving!!!

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