Saturday, June 10, 2017

How To Make Stunning Garlands for a Beautiful Mirror

Why not learn how to make stunning garlands of foiled paper to turn a basic wall hanging into a beautiful mirror? As a lover of vintage items with a weakness for trash to treasure, I am always looking for ways to spiff up my latest find. With my very first post for Rinea I decided this mirror had waited long enough for her chance to shine. 
~ Diva Mirror ~

 Because the mirror is in a dark corner it is used to add light rather than reflect a face. The garland draped over the front doesn't frustrate anyone's view. Having been constructed of foiled paper, this garland also helps with my light issues. It just keeps on giving! 
 The first garland is made in two pieces then joined at the back of mirror. It loops through the center of the carving and around the ends. It is constructed of Foiled Paper Beads. Each bead is a punched shape that is curved curved and then strung on coat thread. I knotted the thread at one inch intervals, stringing beads and knotting again.   
  The medallions I cut in half folded into cones. For the hearts I overlapped the rounded portions toward the center. Both are made from Blush Glossy Foiled Paper. To hold them together I took one stitch at the seam in the back as I strung them.
The circles and flowers I placed on a foam pad and pressed at the center with a marker or paint brush end. My pressing foam is an old mouse pad flipped over. The circles are Silver/gold Glossy Foil and the flowers are Copper Glossy Foil.
My second garland says Diva and is draped around the central carving on the frame. The letters were created with Rinea Sapphire Glossy Paper from the Jewels Variety Pack and were cut with a punch board.
 To strengthen the letters for stringing I added scrap cardstock to the back. The front of the letters I decorated with flowers and circles left over from the first garland.
  One drop of the Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect is all it takes to hold the foiled paper together.
I also added drops of opalescent puff paint around the flowers and at the centers. 
  The third garland is a Moon Phase Strand. I punched 6 circles from the Rinea Silver /gold Glossy Paper and 9 circles from black cardstock. The garland is constructed in two pieces and joined at the front of the mirror. The full moon phase hangs from the joining.
I punched a circle from scrap cardstock and used the negative to trace the crescent onto two of the circles. I carefully cut off the crescent and had both the gibbous and crescent phases from one circle.
 The new moon is represented with a rim of foiled paper. I used a 1.25" punch and cut a 1" circle from the center. The moon phases and black circles are joined with tiny dots of the Best Glue Ever. It takes very little to attach them. 
Getting a clear photo of a mirror takes a couple tricks.
1) Polish the mirror with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth just before taking pictures.
2) Lay the mirror on its back so that it reflects a white ceiling or the sky.

Foiled Paper:Rinea
Cleaning Cloth and Glue:ScraPerfect
Thread:Coats and Clark
Letter Punch Board:WeRMrk
Punches:CTMH, Martha Stewart,
Uchida, and EK Success, 
Model:Noir The Black Cat

 Scrap On!


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