Friday, October 20, 2017

How To Make An Easy Apron For A Scary Treat

If you want to know how to make an easy apron for a scary treat this post is for you.
This hand sewn apron comes with pockets for brushes and pens and such. It has a matching art bag that will be posted later. I chose to sew this project by hand so those crafters without a sewing machine will be able to accomplish this project.
~ Fall Artist Apron ~
 This canvas apron is a blank that comes from Canvas Corp. I chose one without pockets because I had my eye on the fabric panel printed with a cat and a spider. I knew these would look just right with the Haunted House canvas banner.
Apron Supplies:
Canvas Apron (Canvas Corp)
Fabric Panel with Printed Designs (Canvas Corp)
Haunted House Canvas Banner (7 Gypsies)
Purple Embroidery Floss (Prism)
Black Thread (Coats and Clark)
Permanent Markers (Sharpie)
Heat Activated Fabric Adhesive (Therm-O-Web)
Art Bag Supplies:
Burlap Plant Bag (Canvas Corp)
Black Hemp Rope (Canvas Corp)
Canvas Garland 2" width (Canvas Corp)
Wiggly Eyes (Dollar Tree)
Step 1: Cut printed designs from fabric panel, leaving at least a 1/4 inch edge.
 Step 2: Color images with permanent markers.
 Step 3: Pocket placement can be determined by tying the apron on and placing a straight pin where the pants pocket opens. The Canvas Banner will be the right-hand pocket. Pin it to the apron front about 1.5" from the right edge. Use a straight edge against the top of the banner to be sure it is on straight.
 Step 4: Sew both sides and the bottom, leaving the top open. The canvas banner already has finished edges so a backstitch will be the easiest way to attach it. Follow the stitching of the pre-finished edge if you are worried about getting it to look straight.
Knot the thread and pull it through the fabric to the front. Insert needle 1/8" below the thread and back out 1/8" above the thread. Insert it again, this time where the last stitch started and back out 1/8" above the most recent stitch. On top of the pocket you will be sewing backwards, but underneath you will be sewing forwards.
 Step 5: The left-hand pocket will be the tree. Check the edges with a straight edge and trim where necessary.
Step 6: Cut 1/4" strips of  the Heat Activated Fabric Adhesive. Iron them on the back of the tree pockets sides. Follow the package directions for times and temperatures. Peel the paper backing off. Fold the sides over 1/4" and iron them down.
 Step 7: Repeat step 6 for the top and bottom of the pocket. The fabric adhesive will keep the canvas from raveling out.
Step 8: Stitch the top edge of the pocket to reinforce the fabric adhesive. Pin the pocket to the apron measuring and straightening as you did for the first pocket. Stitch the sides and bottom of the tree pocket to the apron using a backstitch.
 Step 9: The Cat, Pumpkins, and Spider are appliques. Trace them onto the paper backing of the fabric adhesive. Cut out your tracings, iron the adhesive to the shapes, cut the shapes to the right size, peel the paper backing. Follow the package directions for ironing times and temperatures.
 Step 10: Position the pumpkins and cat on the front of the apron. Follow package directions for ironing. Stitch the edges of the shapes to the apron using a blanket stitch.
Blanket Stitch
This stitch is like a capitol "L". Knot the thread and pull it through the fabric to the front a 1/4" from the outer edge of the shape. Insert the needle 1/4" above and to the left of the thread then straight down and back out 1/4" to the left of the thread but on level with it. Slip the loose thread under the front edge of the needle and pull the needle through the fabric. This should leave a capitol "L" with the thread now coming through to the right of where the sides of the L intersect. Continue to insert the needle 1/4" above and to the left of the thread as you sew around the shape.
If you did not slip the thread under the needle you will have a diagonal line and the thread coming up on its own.
This canvas apron is just the right thickness to protect an artists clothes from the paint splatters and other staining supplies they so enjoy. The hand sewn decorations and useful pockets will remind them of your love with each use.
The directions for the Art Bag will be posted tomorrow.

Craft On!


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