Saturday, October 21, 2017

How To Make Something Useful From a Burlap Bag

This post is all about how to make a useful artist organizer from a burlap plant bag. Yesterday I gave detailed directions of how to make a fall themed artist apron. Today I have these super easy directions for this hand sewn beauty.
Medium Burlap Plant Holder (Canvas Corp)
Canvas Garland 2" width  (Canvas Corp)
Black Hemp Rope (Canvas Corp)
Fabric Panel With Printed Spider (Canvas Corp)
Black Thread (Coats and Clark)
Embroidery Thread (Prism)
Wiggly Eyes (Dollar Tree)
Heat Activated Fabric Adhesive (Therm-o-web)
Step 1: Cut spider from fabric panel leaving at least a 1/4 edge. Trace it onto fabric adhesive, cut out shape. Follow package directions for ironing adhesive to fabric.
Step 2: Trim spider to fit bag. Follow package directions for ironing spider to bag. Stitch spider legs with black hemp using a backstitch. Stitch through bag to reinforce adhesive.
Knot the thread and pull it through the fabric to the front. Insert needle 1/8" below the thread and back out 1/8" above the thread. Insert it again, this time where the last stitch started and back out 1/8" above the most recent stitch. On top of the pocket you will be sewing backwards, but underneath you will be sewing forwards.  
Step 3: Use a blanketstitch to applique spider to bag front. Fabric adhesive reduces fraying and stiffens the fabric for ease of use.
Blanket Stitch
This stitch is like a capitol "L". Knot the thread and pull it through the fabric to the front a 1/4" from the outer edge of the shape. Insert the needle 1/4" above and to the left of the thread then straight down and back out 1/4" to the left of the thread but on level with it. Slip the loose thread under the front edge of the needle and pull the needle through the fabric. This should leave a capitol "L" with the thread now coming through to the right of where the sides of the L intersect. Continue to insert the needle 1/4" above and to the left of the thread as you sew around the shape.
If you did not slip the thread under the needle you will have a diagonal line and the thread coming up on its own.
Step 4: Write words on the bag with a permanent marker. Stitch over the words using a backstitch. 
Step 5: Measure the circumference of the bag at the top, add 1", and cut canvas garland to that length. Fold the garland in half, matching up and pinning the ends. Stitch a seam across the ends, about 1/2" from the tip. A backstitch will hold the ends securely.
 Step 6: Pin the garland around the inside of the bag, 1/4" below the rim.
Step 7: If the garland is slightly larger than the inside of the bag leave the excess to bulge by the handle.
Step 8: Stitch the garland to the burlap bag one "X" at a time. Place these stitches where the pleat overlaps. If you catch only one layer of the burlap the stitches will not show on the outside of the bag. This takes some practice.
Step 9: Glue wiggly eyes to spider. Leave bag to dry. Of COURSE I used Scraperfect's Best Glue Ever. It worked great holding the two different materials together.
Step 10: Slip pens into the slots between the bag and the garland. Hook the lid clip over the garland. Fill the center of the bag with a sketchbook and colored pencils.
The coarse natural texture of the burlap give this Art Bag a hardy flavor. The Canvas Garland makes adding the pen loops a SNAP. Hope to see your version of this idea on Facebook or Insta!!!
Here is the bag from another angle without the wiggly eyes.

Scrap On!


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