Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How To Make A Wreath That Will Be Perfect Year Round

Seasonal decor is SUCH a drag, it's time for a wreath that will be perfect year round. This simple black and white wreathe can be decorated for any season. Wander through the many choices of Printed Fabric Panels in the Canvas Corp shop. Choose your favorite then cut,color, and hang. Up-date your look with snap of your fingers and a twist of TWINE!
~ All Seasons Wreath ~
 Step 1: Cut images from your favorite Fabric Panel leaving at least a 1/4" edge. Trace it onto fabric adhesive, cut out shape. Follow package directions for ironing adhesive to fabric. Trim images closely to reveal shape and remove strings. Color with permanent markers.
 Step 2: Divide wreath form into 1" quadrants. Cut 4 sheets of  12x12 cardstock in half. Roll into a cone lengthwise.
Step 3: Use a stapler to secure the large end. Use a brad or hot glue to secure the small end. 
 Step 4: Add paper cones to the wreath form working in pairs and dividing the form in half with each set of cones. I used hot glue for my wreath. Make a loop from a 28" piece of twine. Use a slip knot to attach it to the form.
 Step 5: Cut 3-4 12x12 cardstock sheets into 6x6 squares. Roll into cones and adhere to form. The shorter cones fill in the spaces between the larger cones so 2 smaller cones might not fit. Remember to work in pairs so the wreath stays balanced.
 Step 6: Cut a 6" circle of CARDSTOCK, and an 8" circle of a contrasting color. Cut complimentary strips of colored cardstock to frame the title. The title should be 1" smaller on all sides than the patterned piece and 1/2" smaller on all sides than the solid piece.
 Step 7: Attach the circles together and to the wreath. The circles will cover the center snarl and add a splash of color.
 Step 8: Adhere title and layers of cardstock together. Cut a piece of twine 8" long and tie a knot at the end. Punch a hole in upper corner of the cardstock frame. Pull twine thru the layers of paper, leaving the knot in the front.
 Step 9: Loop the twine around one of the paper cones, lace the twine through the back of the lower corner of the cardstock frame. Tie a knot in the front. Repeat for other end of cardstock frame.
 Step 10: Cut a 35" piece of twine. Tie a loop at each end of the twine. Slip loop over opposite paper cones. Use clothes pins to hang prepared images from the Fabric Panel onto the twine.
 Use a paperclip or brad to hold the twine in place if the weight of the images makes it slide. Choose a new Fabric Panel for every season, celebration, or color scheme. Iron, cut, and decorate as often as you'd like!
Paper:Canvas Corp, Craft Smith
Fabric Panel, Twine, Clothes Pins:Canvas Corp
Permanent Marker:Sharpie
6" Foam Wreath Form:Beter Homes and Gardens
Heat Activated Fabric Adhesive:Therm-O-Web

Craft On!


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