Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Burlap and Canvas Valentine Card

I love to make elaborate burlap and canvas Valentine's Day cards. My goal was to try out a variety of Canvas Corp Brand Products. They all performed exceptionally well. This shabby chic stitched card is thick with layer after layer of texture and color. Instructions for the flowers and the leaves are included below.
~ Love You ~
Here is a look at the supplies I used.
 Knot Rose
Step 1:Tie a loose knot in the middle of the fabric.
Step 2:Fold top piece back into knot as show.
Step 3:Add a drop of hot glue inside. Leave tail for attaching.
 Canvas Leaves
Step 1:Cut canvas in half length wise and width wise.
Step 2:Fold canvas with raveled edge to the left, color side in.
Step 3:Stitch diagonal line from raveled edge to straight edge.
Step 4:Trim excess. Open to reveal leaf.
After preparing my roses and leaves I arranged everything in layers. I glued and stitched the pieces to the card base. My final step was to stitch the sentiment to the top lace.
You can find more details and instructions for this card on the Canvas Corp Brands Blog.
Dies:Peachy Cheap
All others:Canvas Corp Brands

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