Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How To Make an Attractive Coffee Cozy

A coffee cozy is not only useful for protecting your hands, it marks your cup as different from the others at the table.While enjoying an afternoon coffee with a friend I made a DREADFUL mistake. I picked up the cup that looked exactly like mine and took a sip. The liquid streaming down my throat was clearly not my coffee! I quickly prepared her a new cup and made a mental note to do something about my look-alike cups.
 These are the products I used. The lace, pleated canvas garland, and glimmer mist are all Canvas Corp products.
 The tutorial for this project can be found on the CCB Blog. 
Here is a quick explanation of why this coffee cozy is different from others. The buttons on either end of this cozy are double stacked. A large one on top of a small one gives the band a notch to rest in so it doesn't go "flying off the handle" so to speak.
  The double button idea makes is possible to use an elastic hair tie for the cozy. One wrap works for a large cup, two or three wraps work for smaller cups. Not to mention, a hair tie is something I always have an extra of.

Craft On!


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