Friday, December 9, 2011

Spare time to Trim

Christmas, with all its decorating fun is upon us! The kids have been anxious to get the tree set up and start placing ornaments. 'Course we didn't buy enough light strings, then one of the fairy ornaments broke, and we had to wait 2 weeks to add the candy canes, but decorate we did. The kids had SO much fun placing each ornament. This year we let them each choose a package of ornaments (with the guidance of a color scheme and price limit) for the tree.

Lori went reasonable and choose a package of "unbreakable" glittered balls. Silas went flashy and picked peacock feathers.

 Annalys spent it all in one place on a Hello Kitty ornament.

 It's true the tree has it's own way of seeing things, but it's equally true that it is a thing of beauty and much admired by the kids. Hope you've got your tree up by now or have that happy event planned!

~charity becker~

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