Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blossoms with a Punch

Over Christmas I grabbed a new punch by EK Success and I have been THRILLED with it!!! There are four different options for this punch and I chose the Carnation style. Here is a sample of blossoms made with this punch:

To make these flowers you'll need a few tools besides the punch. I used my paper piercer, a crochet hook, American Crafts dimensional adhesive, and hot glue. Any instant grab adhesive will do if you are uncomfortable with a glue gun.

First, punch one complete strip from a 12 x 12 sheet of paper using the EK Punch. For the sample I used DCWV Love Letters. Second, cut the petals apart into groups, with 3 petals in the first group, 5 in the second group, and 7 in the last.

Third, roll each set of petal so that the desired pattern shows. Use the point of a paper piercer to roll the group of 3 petals, the tail of the crochet hook to roll the group of 5 petals, and the tail of the paper piercer to roll the group of 7 petals.

Fourth, roll the group of 3 petals into a ring so that the first petal is between the second and third petal. Add a dot of instant adhesive to the end of the roll.

Adhere the group of 5 petals to the first ring with a dot of dimensional adhesive. Place the dot so that the first petal overlaps two other petals.

Roll the group of 5 into a ring around the group of 3 and secure with instant adhesive. Follow the same steps with the group of 7 petals. "Fluff" the petals so that they lay loosely against each other.

If you end up with a bare spot trim a single petal from the left over strand of petals, and adhere.

Your final product should look something like this.
For these flowers I used the DCWV Love Letters stack. These blossoms were used on this L/O:
~charity becker~

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