Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hall Pass

Yesterday I took a break from my Happy Hallway and spent some time in my Linty Laundry Room. I keep my sewing machine set up in there so I can nip in anytime and zig-zag a few stitches on a layout. While I was in there I appliqued three of these:
My son is completely obsessed with knights in shining armour and with dragons and swords etc... I've been in the process of hand appliqueing him a dragon quilt. I have two different dragon patterns in multiple colors that I stitch onto the blocks with a contrasting color of thread. Lots of fun, but honey child thinks he's going to die of old age before I finish it (hence the machine applique). My goal is to get the remaining quilt blocks finished during my spring break. Wish me luck!

~charity becker~

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